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Begining September 1, 2007 patients admitted to Union Hospital will be cared for by our associate team of hospital based physicians: Bimal Jain, MD, Rohit Ahuja, MD, and Karen Maney, NP. We have had a close relationship with this group over the years and welcome the opportunity to formalize this arrangement. 

This arrangement will make us more available to you in the office and provide you with a dedicated team of quality caregivers should you require hospitalization. This experienced team spends all day in the hospital which allows close management of your care, efficient interaction with specialists and immediate response to emergencies. 

We promise to work closely with them to make sure they know everything they need to know about your medical history, medical conditions, medications, and unique needs. In turn, we will be kept up to date about your progress in the hospital, discharge plans, follow-up care etc. We will, of course, resume your care when you are released from the hospital.