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Frequently Asked Questions
Prescription Refills

For your prescription refills you may either: have your pharmacy contact us, call our office at least one week prior to finishing your prescription, or leave a message on the specified mailbox.

Please be prepared to have the following information available for the receptionist:

 * your name and date of birth

 * your contact telephone number

 * name of medication

 * strength/dosage of medication

 * instructions

 * quantity and number of refills preferred

 * pharmacy telephone number

Your provider may ask that you come in for a follow-up appointment before refilling certain medications, such as blood pressure medications or medications that require regular laboratory monitoring (e.g. diabetic or cholesterol medications).

If you would like to use patient gateway to view your lab results online and/or contact our office to request an appointment, medication refills or referrals, click on link below.  It is available free of charge to registered patients in our practice.  Patient gateway is not for emergency situations.  


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